Pointing the finger

I have created a series of small sculptures on the theme of ‘hands and fingers’.

These pewter sculptures are slightly unusual because they are all one-off pieces, no limited edition. Each piece has been made from an original sculpt (using NSP chavant) clay and then a silicon mould. The original sculpts and moulds have been destroyed, so they really are one-off pieces.

I have become fascinated with the digits. They are so incredibly important to us in our daily lives, and we often take them for granted. We use our fingers in a wide range of diverse tasks; eating, working, and playing. But what really interests me is how much we use our fingers when communicating.

I love to sit in a coffee shop and observe people chatting. We constantly use our hands and fingers , whether it is to count something or as open-palm gestures.

This series of pewter sculptures is all about ‘digital communication’. Digits, as in our fingers, not digits as in computers and phones!

The series consists of 20 different sculptures, ranging from a ‘thumbs up’ to a compete hand with crossed fingers.